Outdoor Festivals & Venues

If you are organizing an outdoor event or festival, we provide a wide range of services to suit your needs. We handle everything starting with: Parking & Entry Screening, Perimeter Control, Restricted Access Control, Alcohol ID' Check, Transport Escort (for Cash Movement & Personnel), and any customized needs your event requires.

Indoor Entertainment

Entertainment events involve and incredible amount of work to put together. Let us take care of you and remove the burden of logistics and planning for public safety and security. Among the services we offer for indoor events cover you from Parking & Line Control, Entry Screening, Load In/Out Escort, Restricted Area Access, Talent Transportation (to and from Venue, Hotel & Airport). We also provide coverage for any customized needs you require.

On Site Location Security

Businesses are ever-growing with risk to theft and other damaging incidents from employees and patrons alike. At 1st Choice Security, we understand our businesses are the cornerstone of a functioning community, and we are here to protect the community interest in its businesses against uncertainty. Expectations for On Site Security includes Theft Prevention, Zon Monitoring & Patrol, Overnight Watch, Work Place Violence Prevention/Response, and many other custom services for your location.

Termination Security

Downsizing, Lay-offs, and Contract Terminations are not easy. You can never be certain what will happen, until the news is given, which will be too late for preventative measures. Having a physical security presence available during these activities, is the best method of reducing the risk of an unfortunate incident while assuring swift response if one occurs. Contact us today to have a conversation on how we can help you.

Custom Security Detail

Should the services above, not fit your specifics needs, fear not! Contact us to have a conversation on how we can service your requirements. We appreciate conquering security challenges, which is how we have become the 1st Choice for our clients.

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